Available Totem Poles



Harmony is an elegant totem pole standing just over 6 feet tall with a beautiful stamped  flower pattern. The vibrant reds and oranges seem to sparkle. The sweet  little birds are perched together enjoying the day and sharing a song.





These pieces remind me of propellers. They are all hand stamped with a wooden batik stamp and then glazed in sunny colors

Love Birds


These two little birds make the sweetest music together.

Fishing Pole

Fishing Pole


Fishing  Pole was made during a time when I had a lot of mental hoops to jump  through. Not realizing it while I was making the totem pole  I thought I was  just making a totem about fish swimming . I wanted to use the hoops to  create the feeling of movement for the fish, like they were suspended in  the water. It was not until the piece was almost all built that I  looked at it and saw the hoop jumping that my life had been doing  represented in the piece. I am always amazed when this happens even  though so much of my work has an autobiographical aspect to it. I never  seem to see it coming!

79 x 16 x 16



Koi Fish Detail

Blue ring with an orange koi fish swimming through.

I love making koi fish. They are so colorful and expressive.

Puffer Fish Detail

Blue ring with a maroon puffer fish swimming through

This puffer fish is very prickly and seems to be a fan favorite on the totem.

Flamingo in Paradise

Flamingo in Paradise


Flamingo  in Paradise is suggesting a tropical setting with a flamingo picking  its way through the reeds looking for shrimp to snack on.

59 x 22 x 14



Detail of Flamingo

close up photo of flamingo head

The flower on top

Detail of flower finial piece

Leaping Rabbit Totem

Leaping Rabbit

green and orange totem pole with a leaping brown rabbit on top

Leaping Rabbit is a charming totem pole. It has a garden like feeling with a little brown rabbit scampering  along through the plants.

52 x 12 x 12



Detail of Rabbit on the top

Brown rabbit leaping over a green coil

Leaping over the waving grass this carefree rabbit goes merrily on his way.

Detail of center piece

orange bead wrapped in green leaves

The greens and browns tones add depth to the leaves wrapping this bead

"Who's There?"

"Who's There?"

Purple, red and green totem pole with raccoon peeking out from a leafy globe in the middle

This  sweet little bandit is peeking through the bushes asking "Who's There?". I have very fond memories of feeding raccoons over the top of  the dutch door at our cabin when I was a little girl. This little guy  always makes me smile remembering those happy childhood days.

67 x 12 x 12



Racoon Face Detail

rocoon peeking through leaves

Here is a close-up of my sweet little bandit. I always enjoy incorporating an animal sculpture into my totem poles.

Flower bead detail

red flower on a purple background

Woodpecker Totem

Woodpecker Totem

wood beads alternating with checkered beads and a woodpecker on the top

My  Woodpecker Pole captures a very sweet  moment between a mother and her  babies. I love the idea of a family choosing to nest in one of my  sculptures.
By  a special coincidence, my only experience with seeing a piiated woodpecker in person came while I was making this totem pole. I had been looking at woodpecker images trying to decide what I wanted the woodpecker on the top to look like and I looked up to see that outside my window was an unbelievably large, magnificent woodpecker clinging to the side of a redwood tree. It stayed long enough for me to take some photos and enjoy its company. Then off it went and I haven't seen one since. The artist in me felt like it was a special muse sent at just the right moment.

75 x 12 x 12



Checkered Bead

checkered bead with green leaves

Mama and her babies

Pileated woodpecker and two baby birds

This is a very sweet way to top off the totem.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Totem made up of beads in soft blue and green with 3 large frogs playing hide and seek

This  sweet totem pole has three playful frogs peeking around the beads and hiding  in the foliage. It is glazed with soft blues and greens and has a very  soothing presence.

62" x 12" x 12"



Who is it?

green frog on blue background

Here is a detail of one of the playful frogs on this totem pole.

I'm not it, I'm hiding!

frog in an artichoke

This is the best hiding place!

Top Dog

Top Dog


This playful pole is composed of dogs and cats along with their playmates. It stands about 5 feet tall.



Cat and Mouse

Cat looking at mouse

This cat has found a new friend on the dog's tail.

Dog and Frog

dog with frog

You never know who will become friends. This totem pole is filled with charming surprises.

Available Totem Poles


"Totems" by Alexis Moyer

This book is a portfolio style book where I expand a bit about the making of some of my totem poles as well sharing a nice selection of pieces I've made over the years. 

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