Photo of Alexis Moyer

I Love Being an Artist!

 I love being an artist! Even after more than 30 years of working with clay, I still find it exciting to go into the studio every day, exploring and pushing the limits of what I can do and what the clay can be made to do. I love the challenges that working with clay presents. Every kiln opening is filled with excitement and anticipation.    

For  me working with clay is like doing a magic trick. I am both the  magician and the delighted little kid who sees someone pull a quarter  out of my ear. Every time I pick up a piece of clay and start rolling it  around in my hands I feel energized. Maybe it is the smell of the damp earth that comes out of the clay bag when I open it or maybe it is just how it feels in my hands.


Growing up it never occurred to me that I could be an artist so I chose architecture as my career. It wasn't until my fourth year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA that I discovered my passion to be an artist. We had an assignment that took us around to look at art schools and suddenly I knew that was where I wanted to be. With a change of majors and a change of schools I earned my BFA in Ceramics from California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA) studying with Viola Frey, who loosened me up after all those years with a triangle and T-square, and Art Nelson who nurtured my love of throwing.

After  graduating I went to Crete, Greece to study Minoan art history and  pottery. My two interests of architecture and art were blended so well  that summer; it was a very special time for me. My love of the  Mediterranean blues and bold colors came from my time on Crete and  subsequent travels throughout Greece and they are still evident in the  work I make today.


Over the years my work has evolved into a menagerie of large-scale animals, both free standing and as elements of my totem poles. Whether they come from land, sea or sky my animals all have an inner joyful spirit, often playful and whimsical, that comes out and makes me feel happy too. 

My studio is on Highway128 in Philo. It is a magical place filled with joy and happiness where my works in progress come to life all around me. I enjoy meeting people who are traveling through Anderson Valley and sharing my passion for my work. If you can't come see me in person, be sure to join my on-line community to have a front row seat to see what's happening at The Pot Shop!