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Ceramic Sculpture for the Home and Garden

Ceramic Sculpture for the Home and Garden

Ceramic Sculpture for the Home and GardenCeramic Sculpture for the Home and GardenCeramic Sculpture for the Home and Garden

Totems for the Home and Garden

I  started making totem poles to explore the idea of  stacking up smaller elements to make large pieces. This has led to years of ongoing adventures with totems.

My inspiration while I work comes from my love of architecture and the awe I feel  when I see the way nature stacks things up and perhaps just from playing  balancing games as a child. I try to use my ‘building blocks’ to make an effortless finished totem pole. 

I am captivated by all kinds of animals and I like to include them in my totem poles because they bring in feelings of playfulness and joy and their sweet faces take me to a happy place when I look at them. 

My  totem poles are each one of a kind creations. They encompass a  full array of sizes, shapes, colors and themes. I enjoy looking for the  balance that comes from putting all the elements together just right to  form a graceful finished piece. 

Making  a totem pole is a 3 to 6 month process beginning with an idea for  the theme of the pole and finishing with the final assembly of all of  the separate pieces. The magic is what takes place in the middle. 

Many of my totem poles are created as commissions. These custom orders accommodate special color, height or animal requests. It is always a  pleasure to create just the right focal point for a specific setting or to create a totem pole that tells someone's personal story. 

I invite you to contact me to explore the possibilities of a special totem for you.

Available Totem Poles


Here you'll find a selection of totem poles that are ready to become part of your art collection!

Indoor Installations

Tuxedo Cat on top of a checkered pole

Totem poles provide a striking focal point when placed indoors.

Outdoor Installations

Orange and white koi fish on top of a blue and turquoise totem pole

A lovely garden is even more special with the addition of a glorious totem pole. 

Commissioned Totems


Here is how a commission works.

Totem Pole Gallery


Here you'll find a portfolio of many of the totem poles I've made. They are a mixture of commissioned pieces and gallery works.

Installing a Totem Pole Outdoors

Pig on a base plate showing how to install a totem

Learn how to install a totem pole here