About My Animals

All of my animals begin with the thought “What if…?” It is this  free association of imagination combined with the techniques I've honed over the past quarter century that bring my handmade animals to life and make them easily recognizable as my own.

My animals capture a sense of whimsy and playfulness. Often larger than life-size, I think of them more as caricatures than likenesses and I try to capture the spirit of joy animals bring to us when they touch our lives.

Watch one Being Made

My  animal sculptures are handmade from stoneware clay. Here is a short video called "The Birth of Jimmy" which shows the building of a commissioned pelican sculpture.


Much of my work is custom made and I would love to chat with you about a special piece created just for you. 

Please browse through my portfolios of animals to get an idea of what's possible. You can also follow me on Facebook to see the latest works in progress at the studio.

Animal Collections

Dogs and Cats

Siamese cat wearing a blue sweater

Dogs and cats are two of my most requested animals. Here is a sampling of some I've made. 


Strawberry frog climbing into a calla lily blossom

Over the years I've become known for my frogs both large and small. Here is a selection of the gang.

The Menagerie

Pink Elephant holding a green martini glass with its trunk

Whether from land, sea or sky my animals will tickle your spirit and warm your heart.