Available Animals

Lioness laying down

The Lioness

This lovely lioness has a sweet disposition. Her expression is friendly and powerful at the same time.  I live in an area with Mountain Lions but have never met one in person. I think I like them better this way!
18"w x 12" d x 9"h

Three frogs on a raft

The Drifters

Lost in the swamp? These three charming frogs are hoping to come upon a princess or at least a safe place to dock their wine barrel stave raft.

24"w x 9" d x 8"h


Blue Dragon on an orange stool


Bellamy is the latest of my snaggletooth dragons. She is more inquisitive than fierce but I still has a formidable dragon presence. 

12"w  x  15"d x  24"h


a frog riding a flamingo riding a tortise

Hop On!

Hop On! is a fun animal stack. I love piling up animals in a playful way and these characters are sure to make you smile.

15"  x  17"  x  19"h



The Juggler

This juggler came out of the Influence and Inspiration Project experiment. I love trying things that take me in new directions and it was fun to try and capture movement with this piece.

Blue Frog on a branch


This sweet blue frog has the brightest expression in her eyes so I named her Sparky